Realizing Love, Peace and Understanding: Are We Ready Yet?

Even though many talk about “family values,” the notion of “family values” are a joke.

For example, our work that keeps us away from family due to corporations taking over our world and how we live;

It’s interesting that Jesus Christ was known as the incarnation of Sophia Episteme, Wisdom and Understanding. How has that worked in our world?

Constant wars? Wasn’t that spoken to in the Book of Revelations in the “Bible?”

Isn’t it also true that we could have fostered the “End of Time” via our abuse of children as well as the pollution of our planet?

Could it be we are living in one horrid horror show?

Regarding the “End of Time”, the End of Time is simply the “Eternal Now!” Thus the End of Time is my writing within the Now.

Those who read my Word Press, you too are always here and now in reading this.

When we speak to the past and future, we are eternally Here and Now! Thus is the “end of time.” The “End of Time” IS The Eternal Now.

And if you think at 10:00 PM I am going to take my child to the doctor, than my thought is Here and Now. Thus is the End of Time. Our lives are eternally Here and Now! Even in Life and Death are always Here and Now!

Burl and Meredith Hall are authors. We have a book out titled “Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature.”

Burl and Meredith will hopefully have a second book titled “Lover’s Path Home.” Our goal in our elderly years is to foster a world that is about Love, Peace and Understanding.

Trump is Coming, Where Do We Go Now?

My biggest disappointment in Putin was his demeaning himself to foster a Trump.   But then, I realized, if he wants an America on its knees, Trump will do it for them.

No bombs needed and no espionage or spies. Its all free! Russia doesn’t have to bomb anybody or create a war! Trump will lead us to destruction all by himself, and like lemming rats we will be running over the cliff due to our leaders leading us there. That’s where we are headed, over the cliff in following Obamas, Trumps, Clintons, Bushes, etc.

Whoops, who actually rules the roost of the Obamas, Trumps, etc?  The top 5% in earnings, the rich and powerful?  The Corporations?

A lot of New Agers tell me I should get my mind off this. I will not! I believe that our actions here and now affect future generations. Thus I say to the New Agers, “NO, because I believe it is WE who need to speak up and empower ourselves.” We don’t need the Pleadians, or whatever those aliens are. We need to empower ourselves from within our own loving hearts and stop surrendering to external gods and aliens.  Mother Earth and all her children need for us to stand up and love in our full power now.

Again, I don’t discount life on other planets…….I just think we need to get beyond external saviors. When do we awaken? We don’t need aliens from thousands of light years away, we need to use our brains and hearts, if we have any left.

I might be long-winded here, but my question to the reader is “When do we wake up and empower ourselves?” WE are the ones we have been looking for. Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Thinking Woman, Sophia (Wisdom) are all one and will lead us into a heaven on Earth……but as a Buddhist said, “if you see the Buddha by the highway, then kill him.”


Its because Buddha (Christ, et al) is what is seeing. Thus to see our eyes, we need a mirror image. This signifies that this world is mirroring us.

Isn’t it time we destroyed the old mirror and bring forth Sleeping Beauty’s mirror that brings us to enlightenment. Who are the aliens? We are, we are alienated against our Nature, our Essence.

Wake up, folks!

Cursing Chrones

February 7, 2016


It is 4:13 am. Last time I looked at the clock, it was 3:50. This was when I lost my journal entry. How did I loose it? Damn if I know. It just disappeared. “Whoosh, all gone!”

I am mindful not to speak to the discomfort I experience from the Crones. Why? I’ve said it before, in previous posts. Why repeat myself?

My head aches to a slight degree. My eyes are tired yet refuse sleep.

Are these tired eyes caused by the lack of sleep? Perhaps? Well, most assuredly! Ah, the joy of being self-assured!

Am I depressed? Yes, primarily due to lack of sleep.

Can you know joy without knowing sadness?

I sit here and wonder, should I smoke some pot to secure a couple of hours of freedom from pain? Perhaps I can then get some sleep?

Its now 4:32 and I haven’t done a damn thing other than edit these words.

Its now 7:02 and I still haven’t done a damn thing. No sleep, no anything. Not even pot. Yet, my stomach feels better. But my head hurts slightly. Lack of sleep induced headache I reckon.


Lost in Shit



Lost and alone, I’m drowning

Barely alive,

I drown in this:

An infinite sea of shit


My voice sounds off a cry of fear

But, nobody, not a one can hear.


What can I say?

Anything? Nothing?

I should not speak

For my Soul plays her games

Within Torture’s darkened chambers


Why do I stay alive, Sophia?


Gold sparks the scents of Death

What good am I

Inhabiting this planet of fools

Where no one can hear?


This cry of longing:

For what cause do these lips scream?

Perhaps because I know not

the true purpose of my heart’s beam?




Descent of Jerusalem

Sophia Original by Pamela Matthews

“Revelations” has Jerusalem, meaning Place of Peace as descending to this Earth as the Bride of Christ at the end of time. Christ prior to this was a warmonger as reflected in our murder of various peoples, and indeed the planet, by human beings.  Yes, we have decimated Native American cultures, and we have destroyed the jungles as well as polluting our rivers.

These are acts of violence towards the labor of God.

The “Book of Revelations” speaks to the end of time.  What does the end of time mean?  Perhaps the end of an eon?

Is the end of time something horrible, or have we gone through the horror with several centuries of constant warfare. Think WWII and all the wars and “rumors of wars” since then.

What if I told you time never was?  Have you even contemplated that an hour can appear as a second and a second an hour?  Isn’t time simply the passing of events entering into consciousness?  Does it exist outside your mind?  What does time look like when you are in the state of deep sleep?  Doesn’t exist, now does it?

The snow melts off the top of my roof.  Each drop is an instant expressing itself as time.  Perhaps this droplet is the essence of time?  Perhaps time is the particle of the great wave of Eternity, manifest only from a concentrated point of view.

What happens if we began to foster Jerusalem from within ourselves instead of viewing Her as an external Goddess?  What would peace look like within you?  Perhaps we should no longer perceive Jerusalem as a war-sacked city in the Middle East and instead see Her as the essence of our heart and soul?  They, too, are war-sacked after all.

Let’s consider the name, Jerusalem.  Jeru, means Place with Salem meaning Peace (from the same ground as Shalom).  Jerusalem is the place of peace.  It is no war torn city. It is a place deep within your sacred heart.

Jerusalem is alive within us, awaiting for us to turn our attention inward.  She is the Bride that kindles peace in a warlike Christ.  She even brings the “Son of God” to peace.

The Bible’s “Book of Hagia Sophia” states of Sophia (Wisdom):  All Her Ways Are Peace.
Sophia is the Bride of Christ and the Bride of all of humanity.

Is Wisdom the way to peace? More than that, apparently.  Wisdom is Peace.  Is our lack of Understanding Her within ourselves the reason we are constantly at war?  Can understanding the universe and what we see as our adversaries as being grounded in Sophia-Jerusalem bring us into a new evolutionary epoch?

Perhaps peace truly is possible!

What you, the reader, says is paramount to bringing forth that peace.  Are we ready for that?  Only the reader can decide.



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