The Uncivilized Quest

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The Yippie Yuppie sings from on high:

“Information negation is the world in which I die

I thusly deny the spirit of Earthly life

While suppressing without rest

Her species’ births given in what used to be zest

Strangle hood and control is the motto at hand

As we go to fondle and foster endless screaming wars

Throughout this world’s foreign lands.

We thusly and mustedly profess without rest

That we are meant to conquer lands and sands

With supernatural zing and zest.

For whom do we toil? For what end do we labor?

With our hearts so deeply torn and worn

…have we truly been advised and warned?

Thusly, wisely a wide-eyed rebellious hands-in-pants poetic rocker

Simply refuses to put his ass and head into an electronic socket!

While remaining a devoted lover of Mother Nature’s land

He seeks a healthy world to be reborn once again.

The Revelation of Genesis: The Beginingless and Endless State of Peace

Let us go to the beginning! Where is this beginning; where is the end? Is there a separation of the two? Is the beginning the end and the end the beginning? Thus is it said in the Bible’s “Book of Revelation” that the alpha and omega are one!

Where do we come from? Let’s speak to the Bible’s “Book of Genesis” for a moment. There is another connotation to the “Let there be light” line in Genesis 1:2 than what we have been presented with in modern day church services. Light in this case could be seen as a metaphor for awareness or consciousness. Thus, when a thought comes upon us, we sometimes say “O’ a light just went off in my head.”

Get the connection?

In the dark depths of the Unmanifest (Genesis 1:2) there is no awareness per se. In psychology, Genesis 1:2 is reflected in our unconscious minds. When Genesis says, “let there be light,” then our conscious minds are in operation and the world becomes.

It happens every morning when we wake up. Our eyelids open and we take in light and conceive a world.

Genesis 1:2 is an infinite void in which there are no distinctions. For awareness to occur, or consciousness, if you will, there has to be something to be aware of. Therefore, the separate forms of matter take form upon the arising of consciousness.

Interestingly, physicist Tom Campbell states that Consciousness is mortal and does die. As he says this, I wonder, does this discount resurrection? Who is to say? Perhaps if the story of Jesus Christ is cosmic, then yes, resurrection occurs. But I also wonder if this is simply a part of evolution. To evolve we must die to what we are, and what we think we are.

Our thoughts do matter in that they become matter. Is this truly the “Word made flesh” of John 1:14 of the New Testament in the Bible? Of course this manifestation is not just the surface layered ego thoughts rambling about in our troubled minds, but the deeper ones we are not even aware of.

At any rate, Genesis 1:2 could be the “Unconsciousness” of Nature; God; Self; Brahmin; and Yahweh; et al. and the Light as being I AM, or the self-awareness of Nature.

Genesis 1:2 speaks to physicist David Bohm’s notion of the Unmanifest Implicate Order. The term, “implicate” means implied. It is the place where all is in potential. In the physics of David Bohm, the term for this is the Unmanifest. This “place” or “non-place” is the foundation of this moment, the Eternal Now, which contains my writing and your reading.

When Genesis says, “Let there be LIGHT,” it is saying “Be Aware!” You do this every morning that you get up, as well as when you dream. When you arise from the dark depths of sleep, you are reenacting Genesis. Indeed, you are reenacting it now. The pupils of your eyes are totally black and they take in the light and an image is conceived within the Soul, otherwise known as Psyche. Where is this writing being conceived if not within you?

Isn’t the image of this screen being made in the back of your head? Point the finger outward and you will still find that the image of your finger is in your head. Is this what the mystics mean when they talk about consciousness being non-local? It’s non-locatable! What appears in front of us is in the back of our heads!

Damn!   This speaks to the Hindu notion of the world being a state of Maya or illusion. But, I would say it’s a necessary illusion for how should the Self or Nature know its self without an other. This is why women who give birth are called “M-Others.” For baby and Mother to be known, there has to be a separation, an other.

See how cosmic we are?

What I’m proposing is that we look at a non-time account of creation. What if Genesis 1:2 were an infinite state of potential where all possibilities lie?

What kind of world do you want? If our thoughts and words matter, then what can we create? Our words matter! Is this the “Word made flesh” phenomena of the Bible’s John 1:14. Is this also the process of the Bible’s Genesis 1 where every time God speaks something becomes?

What is magic or casting a spell if not making words into flesh in this world? Interesting, take the “l” out of world and you have word. This backs up my thesis nicely, I think. The world is the Word!

Why else would Jesus Christ hump so hard on his message regarding the importance of belief? “O’ Ye of little faith,” he cries! Our faith, our words matter.

What do we believe in our cultural conditioning and what has it has gotten us is another side to this question. Do we continue believing what we believe? Is the pollution, unrest, and abuse of planet and people a reflection of our belief system? I think so.

What needs to change? What YOU say matters. What is your “let there be” statement? Do you truly think that when the Bible says the “Word is made flesh” in John 1:14 that it was negating you in this moment?

Is our labor in this day and age truly a manifestation of a new world? Perhaps in our hearts we can manifest what in Revelations is the decent of Jerusalem, meaning Place of Peace. Jerusalem is not some war torn city in the Middle East. She is the Bride of Christ, the Word made flesh. She is who we are in potential. She exists not as a theory, theology or idea. Rather, She exists as the peace inherent in our hearts. Like Christ, She too is the Word made flesh. She and Christ are who we are in the essence of our being. Thus, She is our Mother Nature while He is our Self or I AM.

Who is Nature if not the Self? Mother Nature and Father God are indeed one!

You may also enjoy this little flick regarding the Genesis pattern:

My wife and I interviewed physicist Tom Campbell. The show is archived at:

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This poem was originally written in 1993, I’ve been playing with it today, 6/22/14. Hey, to be organismically orgasmic is to be in the moment.  Life is change. Are babies happy without getting their diapers changed?  Gotta get rid of the old shit.

Ever see anything in Nature that does not change?

The below image is from Pamela Matthews.  It will be the front cover of my upcoming book, Sophia’s Web. The image actually speaks to a dream I had in the 90’s which also sparked the writing of the book.  Interesting how synchronicities work.

In the “Book of Proverbs,” Sophia (Wisdom) is said to be in peace….”all Her ways are peace.  Jerusalem, in turn, means “Place of Peace.”  Yes, Jerusalem is a state of mind more so than a war ravaged city held in conquest by various factions for the past several thousand years.  

Is it time to grow up people?


Hail! O, sweet beautiful woman!

Hold me to Thy bosom

O’ Delightful Sweetness!

to melt this misery and despair

griping my heart

while darkening

the core of my miserable existence.


Let me lay my head on thy lap,

O’ lushious Bride of Christ,

So the sizzling wet scents of thy womb

Can entwine me in thy delightful threaded rope


Ah, connected to all

is the end of the Great Fall

We all shall join hands

in the Garden through which we dance.


Who am I,

But a deliciously sautéed rapturous ecstasy.

Designed Souly to delight Thy feminine lips?


O’ Salem,


Ye Garden of Blissful Death!

I enter Thy heavenly abode


I invade Thy luscious body

So that peace may come soon

For every particle in my Being

Is, simply, the dance of Eternity’s playroom.




Beyond the Great Divide: A Religion of Connectedness

What does the term “religion” mean to most of us?  I would bet it means an institutionalized belief system that we believe in or not believe in.  Thus, if you were to ask me about my religion, I would bet you would expect me to say I am “Catholic” or “Protestant” or “Atheist,” or “Jew”.

I am none of these.  Indeed, I refuse to categorize either you or I.  I am nothing, or no-thing, and thus embrace all.

Yet, in conventional thinking, we define our religion as an institutionalized belief system. Religion is a noun; an institution.

Is it really?  Does it have to be that way?  Indeed, I refuse to put myself into any institutionalized box.  This is the problem with modern day human beings. We put ourselves into categorical boxes then, when we die, we tend to put ourselves into boxes called coffins which are set in a grave containing a metallic vault to keep you from dissolving into the Earth.

Can you be cremated and have your ashes flung throughout the cosmos.  Become it all, get out of corporatized box!

There is a lot of talk of late by people like Charles Eisenstein about the need to foster a more verb based language.  What do these people mean by this?

By verb based language they are talking process oriented more so than thing.  I and you are not things….we are happenings!

I’ve heard a lot of women say of a man, “he treats me like an object!”  Geeze, how alienating.  Mm, is being treated like an object akin to feeling alienated?  That’s the problem with a noun based language.  It’s demeaning. It divides us into an “I and Thou” rather than uniting us into a “We.”

The Earth is a System, you see.  Its a verb more so than a noun. Yet, we treat Her like a noun.  Ever hear a woman say that a man treats her like an object?  It makes her feel used and abused, doesn’t it? This is how Nature feels.  Can you feel the horrid depression of Nature or Gaia (Earth) in this picture?


It is said that we project ourselves onto the world.  What does this say about us?

Can you see how important this is?  Its the same with a man who feels like an object in his workplace.  What meaning does he have in such a place.  If he understood himself as a verb acting in relationship to pretty much everything else, would he continue to feel alienated?  How do we foster a sense of belonging?  Its not going to happen with the current systems we have. We are going to need to change the system ourselves and not look towards the system changing.

Mm, there was a psychologist, the name is escaping me.  It wasn’t Maslow.  Oh, well, it’ll come to me and I’ll edit it in.  At any rate, this psychologist talked about how alienation is such a problem in our culture.  Introspect for a moment.  Do you ever feel like you don’t belong?  Or, do you know people who appear to feel as if they don’t belong?

The very foundations of how we see life, which is noun or “object” based is alienating.  By reclaiming the more ancient way of “verbalizing” language, perhaps we can reconnect and experience a deep sense of belonging?

Thus we return to Religion.  Religion is a verb and not a noun. True religion is not an institution.  It is cuddling with your daughter.As such, the epistemological roots of religion is the French Religere, literally meaning to connect!  Cuddling is religion!


Religion in its ground is a verb more so than a noun!  To say I am “Catholic”, “Protestant”, “Jew”, “Hindu” or “Buddhist” is to foster a sense of alienation.  It also fosters conflict by having the different philosophies that are inherent to the various sects.  I am right, you are wrong is not the way towards peace.  Duality, the pitting of this and that, are the primordial sins of humankind.  Its expression of its self is what has us with high extinction rates. It is also behind our being ruled by sociopathic regimes we call corporations.  Who controls the government?

But, we can change things.  You, the reader and I the writer are connecting right now!

Do we truly need to be aliens on an alien planet?

Who is this planet and this universe if not Nature?  And who is Nature if not our Essence?  And who is our Essence if not our Self? Mm, in Hindu God is named Brahmin, the Self. In Hebrew, the name is Yahweh or I AM. Who is I AM if not Nature?

Mother Nature and Father God are one!

Is it that simple?

Lover’s Prayer



I attended the Church of my selection

To discuss the national election.

Every attendant there dressed

In his Sunday vest


Responding to another church bell

I heard myself condemned to hell

Even though I was appropriately dressed

In my Sunday best


Whether I turn to the East or the West

I must worship at my Culture’s behest

Learning to accept as blessed

Whatever she deems as best


I no longer attend any Church

Mosques, Ashrams and Temples I leave in the lurch.

I dance naked beneath the stars up above

With Psyche and her own true Love


Do not stifle me with your ego’s threats!

Let my dance be a passionate treat

Eros lights a fire ‘neath my rounded ass

That I may conceive my life’s true task












What Is Your Dream of the Future?

What is your vision of the future?




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OR, That?



nude on beach

permaculture-garden  adam-eve1

I will soon be publishing and promoting my book, Sophia’s Web, which was co-authored with my wife, Meredith.  The personal experiences in the book are mine.  Merry in essence helped me to clarify the writing as well as offering some really great ideas.

HEY, she has a PhD in English and I once sent an English teacher, who upon reading my writing broke into tears and ran out crying saying “This is horrible.  I can’t take it anymore.”  Never saw her again.

Kidding aside.   We are inviting you to make a contribution to this mission through helping us publish and promote our book Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature.  Obviously, we also want you to read the book.  This is where our humanity shines through.  You are important to us AND you are important to the world.  You are imperative to the evolution of a healthy humanity and planet.  You are the ground for future generations.

That’s not a statement that I’m making lightly.

In this particular blog, I just want to introduce the book to you.  I do think the book speaks to future generations and may even be a piece to fostering the evolution of life on this planet.  I also want this blog to be a place to really focus on moving our species specifically, and the planet in general towards a resilient, equitable and just future.

Our book interprets Wisdom as the natural process of the Cosmos. It is how our bodies know how to form and how the Earth is able to develop and sustain life. Wisdom is named Sophia in Greek mythology and early Christian writings and is still venerated in Eastern Orthodoxy. By connecting the author’s and reader’s personal experiences to global and universal experience, Sophia’s Web empowers the reader to reclaim wholeness in a divided world.

Sophia’s Web explores the web into which Wisdom has woven the multi-dimensional aspects of our lives including:

vPersonal, using the author’s experience as an example

vRelational, revealing women and men conjoined to co-create and sustain life

vIntellectual, drawing on the works of philosophers

vScientific, including systems, holographic, and quantum physics theories

vCultural, exploring the various mythologies and belief systems of the world

vReligious, through the vision of the great mystics of the world

Let me share some responses to the book.

The foreword to Sophia’s Web is by Carolyn Baker, author of Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths For Turbulent Times includes this praise:

“Sophia’s Web is the saga of Burl Hall’s journey from fleeting visions of Sophia in childhood to a mature, surrendered embrace of the Sacred Feminine which now underpins and informs his life, his work, and his connection with the earth community…

Rarely do we have the opportunity to hear an embodied male acknowledge what the author lays bare in this book. Almost effortlessly he was able to acknowledge, at an early age, not only the feminine principle in the world but the feminine within himself.   As with any male socialized within the context of industrial civilization, Hall experienced societal pressure to embrace the patriarchal perspective which prizes a way of life based on power and control. Yet Sophia’s Web reveals a man who has moved through and beyond patriarchal programming to an integration of the feminine principle within himself and who strives to apply Sophia’s wisdom in his life and work…

Burl Hall reminds us of Sigmund Freud’s profound and prophetic conclusion that “mankind will not put aside its sickness and its discontent until it is able to abolish every dualism.” Hence the core purpose of this book which the author states so clearly: “This book’s purpose, then, is to bring peace through the integration of seemingly opposing forces.” In order to achieve this peace, much emotional and spiritual work is required, but in Sophia’s Web, Burl and Merry Hall tantalize us with the rewards of that doing work and compel us to embrace the journey with Sophia, for indeed our lives and our planet depend on it.”

Other praise for Sophia’s Web comes from many prominent sources. Here is what some of our supporters have to say:

Sophia’s Web is a passionate call to heal the destructive divides of modern life and embrace a unified cosmos rendered once again whole, told from the fiery depths of personal experience, mythology, philosophy, and science.

–Kenneth Worthy, author of Invisible Nature: Healing the Destructive Divide between People and  the Environment

Sophia’s Web weaves together Burl’s unique, heartful vision, in the process, taking it to a new level. Though non-fiction, the book has been written so it draws the reader in and induces a story trance in a spiritual and artistic way. This book pulls together the holistic Earth-Wisdom of many physicists, philosophers, psychologists, and myths to inspire you, get you thinking in new, out of the box ways, and give you hope for the future of humanity within us all.

–Rob Kall, Editor of OpEd Magazine,

In Sophia’s Web, Burl Hall has masterfully articulated a long overdue vision of human evolutionary transformation found reflected within the inherent integrity of Creation itself. This is a book of deep scholarship and heart. It is a purposefully passionate proposal for humanity to once again ‘humanize’ itself by reclaiming Gaian consciousness as our birthright—a birthright inspired by the perennial wisdom of a planetary Goddess culture.

— don Oscar Miro-Quesada, co-author, Lessons in Courage: Peruvian Shamanic       Wisdom for Everyday Life and founder of The Heart of the Healer Foundation


Reverent and irreverent, raw and refined, with a rigorous intellectual, emotional, and spiritual workout, Sophia’s Web is revealing and authentic!

–Cynthia Piano, Creator of Oneness House,

I hope you join me on this quest.  Together we can indeed change the world.

Infinity and the Sparkling Kiss of the Universe


Mobius Strip: The Never Ending Story

This is in response to an old, old on-line friend, Wynn Manners.  Yes, his expose is beautifully worded, and he truly sparked me.  

The Christian Meister Eckhart said, “all Creatures shout God.”  Creation and the God/dess is self-expression. When we gaze into the nighttime skies, we are God/dess gazing upon God/dess.

God is infinite, right?  Well, sort of.  See, the Infinite is, in a sense, finite. The Infinite being Infinite means nothing exists side-by-side with Her/Him. This makes the Infinite Finite because if there is nothing within you except you within yourself…then you have no sense of yourself.  The finite is necessary for self-awareness.

Thus, the Unlimited is Limited by being Unlimited. SO, in Genesis and all the creation stories, there is a division of the Infinite Unity into the Finite Multiplicity. Now, if you look at the Tao symbol, you’ll see on the black side (Yin, Infinity) a little white circle (the Yang) and vice versa. The Infinite Unmanifest (black) is within the Finite Manifest and vice versa. Thus, there are an Infinity of forms in the Finite world covering suns, space, planets, moons, astreoids, etc.


SO, the Yin (Infinite) is contained in the Finite (Yang) and the Yang is Infinite in its ability to diversify. Whew! Holy Shit. Truly Holy.

Again, the Infinite is Finite BECAUSE if there is only you within yourself, then you have NO sense of Self. So, to be complete, you get yourself a boyfriend and make babies out of your infinite unformed Matter. Thus, in Genesis the Waters divide into a multiplicity of forms. (Note here that the name Marie means Ocean and thus the Virgin Birth of Baby Jesus is a mirror to the Birth of God in Genesis.  And, yes, Genesis 1:2 is almost all Feminine names, Tehom (Waters), Ruach (Spirit or Wind), Earth (Matter).

AND, interestingly, my friends, a fetus’ cells divide in the SAME mathematical progression as the Book of Genesis. Let me see if I can get you a Youtube video on this.

See, its the Male, the Word in Genesis, that creates diversification just as it is the sperm entering the egg that encourages the growth of you and me into typing and reading persons with a multiplicity of cells operating as one person. The way in which Genesis mathematically comes about IS the very same way a developing embryo mathematically becomes me and you. And the Word (or vibration) in putting limitations on the unlimited is actually completing the unlimited who is limited by being unlimited!  Whew!

Do you SEE the importance of this? The Book of Genesis is NOT about an event in time.  It is here and now.  This means we are grounded in the Unmanifest, which means we have infinite potential within us.  What we have to get past is our conditioning.  As the Tao Te Ching says, be newborn, be free of yourself..  Or as Jesus Christ says, “Be like that infant.”

Furthermore, it is interesting that physicist David Bohm, who alongside neurologist Carl Pribram, that we are grounded in what he calls the Unmanifest Implicate Order in which all potentials await their birth.  But, what keeps us stuck is our belief systems, our conditioning.  Can we move beyond that?  “Be newborn, be free of yourself.”  Or, as Buddha says, be unattached.

Let go the old and bring forth the new.


Luscious Spirituality:  Getting Religion is Losing Religion

Luscious Spirituality: Getting Religion is Losing Religion

Wynn Manners, an online friend of mine, who goes way, way back to the early 90’s, suggested that I start writing what I used to write on my Yahoo! Groups page, called “Sophia’s Web”.  What I wrote were named Morning Meds.  By meds, there is the double meaning of meditation and medication.  Meditation is true medication.  So, this is my first “Morning Meds” Blog.  “Dude, pass the pipe!”

Today I wish to speak about oral ecstasy.  Yes, we are speaking of oral sex here, to some degree.  Aren’t all interactions an act of intercourse?  What are these words if not seminal inputs entering into the black hole called the pupil of thy eye and being conceived in the back of your brain as an image.

Why else would an idea be considered a concept?  Its a conception!  DUH!  Oh, tickle my fancies with Thy tongue and send me flying into heights unattained by any woman or man before me!

My main thrust in writing is spiritual. Writing is a form of oral sex.  Life is intercourse.  Everything is spiritual, including sexuality.  The term religion, in its epistemological roots, is reli-gere, literally meaning “to connect.”  Religion is NOT an idealism, its about relationship, about connection.  Religion is about holiness, which boils into wholeness.  Its about unity through intercourse.  What is this conversation?  Yet, if you are talking about religion in a dogmatic or rational way, you ain’t got it!  Religion is a sigh, or a “YES!” and sometimes simply “OHHHHH!”

If you are immersed in theologies and church doctrine, you’re way off base.  These are not religion.  They are idealisms.  If you are nursing a baby and feeling a deep connection in looking into those big brown eyes, you’ve got religion.  Anything else, dogma, theories, theologies, etc are simply ideal-isms.  Ideas are nothing more nor less than ghostly vapors arising from your mind…or in the case of indoctrination, someone else’s mind.

So, therein lies the title to this piece…getting religion is loosing religion.  You have to let go of the the theories, philosophies, and ideals and become as you were when you were not.  This is your beginning.  To be newborn, you have to do the striptease of the mind and be as nude as the day you were born.

So, take off thy institutionalized religious clothes and dance!

Now, all this gets to be even more fun and inspirational when you awaken to the fact that whole, hole and holy are one word. Knowing this unity is true religion, or connection. What is empty (hole) is what is full (whole).  Yes, empty thy mind of conditioning and be as “you were when you were not.” When you enter this nudity, you enter into a virgin state of mind in which infinite potentials abound.

But don’t follow me.  Experience it.  Become empty and be full!  Be newborn, be free of yourself.  IN that freedom from yourself, you will be full of yourself!

Oh, becoming virgin is the most remarkable state of sexual ecstasy you can ever encounter!  Just ask Maria.  Look at what She generated.  Ok, so the Roman institutional foundations got hold of the virgin birth story and the so-called Church became identified with Rome.   We’ll discuss that one another time.

By the way, being virgin means being unconditioned…..what?

“You mean to say, Burl, that all these years of schooling and conditioning and I’m to throw it all away in order to give birth to the sacred within?”  Yes, this is exactly  what I’m saying.

As the Tao Te Ching sings, “be newborn, be free of yourself.”  Or as Christ says upon looking upon a nursing infant, “be like him.”  You really think Lao Tzu and Jesus Christ were far apart in Nature’s mind?

Can you see why the Jews/Romans came after the Christ Child?  30 years of schooling and indoctrination and S(HE) is just letting go of all of it?

In meditation, you can experience all this.  The Holy works of the Bible, Upanishads, Vedas, Tao Te Ching, etc are ultimately within you.  These are only externalized expressions of what is within.  Even these words I write: where are they really if not within you?

Ultimately, words can never tap into the power of raw, nonverbal experience.  Yes, a delighted lover can only reel back and cry “YES!”

Gaze upon your Goddess/God and lie your head in Her-His chest and sigh deeply in the ecstasy of union, the true Divine Marriage.

This is what writing and the act of verbal intercourse is truly about.  Its about entering into a state of ecstasy.  This is the true function of writing.  Its all there as a dance enticing all of us to enter into the luscious and sensuous dance of Life.