Infinity and the Sparkling Kiss of the Universe


Mobius Strip: The Never Ending Story

This is in response to an old, old on-line friend, Wynn Manners.  Yes, his expose is beautifully worded, and he truly sparked me.  

The Christian Meister Eckhart said, “all Creatures shout God.”  Creation and the God/dess is self-expression. When we gaze into the nighttime skies, we are God/dess gazing upon God/dess.

God is infinite, right?  Well, sort of.  See, the Infinite is, in a sense, finite. The Infinite being Infinite means nothing exists side-by-side with Her/Him. This makes the Infinite Finite because if there is nothing within you except you within yourself…then you have no sense of yourself.  The finite is necessary for self-awareness.

Thus, the Unlimited is Limited by being Unlimited. SO, in Genesis and all the creation stories, there is a division of the Infinite Unity into the Finite Multiplicity. Now, if you look at the Tao symbol, you’ll see on the black side (Yin, Infinity) a little white circle (the Yang) and vice versa. The Infinite Unmanifest (black) is within the Finite Manifest and vice versa. Thus, there are an Infinity of forms in the Finite world covering suns, space, planets, moons, astreoids, etc.


SO, the Yin (Infinite) is contained in the Finite (Yang) and the Yang is Infinite in its ability to diversify. Whew! Holy Shit. Truly Holy.

Again, the Infinite is Finite BECAUSE if there is only you within yourself, then you have NO sense of Self. So, to be complete, you get yourself a boyfriend and make babies out of your infinite unformed Matter. Thus, in Genesis the Waters divide into a multiplicity of forms. (Note here that the name Marie means Ocean and thus the Virgin Birth of Baby Jesus is a mirror to the Birth of God in Genesis.  And, yes, Genesis 1:2 is almost all Feminine names, Tehom (Waters), Ruach (Spirit or Wind), Earth (Matter).

AND, interestingly, my friends, a fetus’ cells divide in the SAME mathematical progression as the Book of Genesis. Let me see if I can get you a Youtube video on this.

See, its the Male, the Word in Genesis, that creates diversification just as it is the sperm entering the egg that encourages the growth of you and me into typing and reading persons with a multiplicity of cells operating as one person. The way in which Genesis mathematically comes about IS the very same way a developing embryo mathematically becomes me and you. And the Word (or vibration) in putting limitations on the unlimited is actually completing the unlimited who is limited by being unlimited!  Whew!

Do you SEE the importance of this? The Book of Genesis is NOT about an event in time.  It is here and now.  This means we are grounded in the Unmanifest, which means we have infinite potential within us.  What we have to get past is our conditioning.  As the Tao Te Ching says, be newborn, be free of yourself..  Or as Jesus Christ says, “Be like that infant.”

Furthermore, it is interesting that physicist David Bohm, who alongside neurologist Carl Pribram, that we are grounded in what he calls the Unmanifest Implicate Order in which all potentials await their birth.  But, what keeps us stuck is our belief systems, our conditioning.  Can we move beyond that?  “Be newborn, be free of yourself.”  Or, as Buddha says, be unattached.

Let go the old and bring forth the new.


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