What Is Your Dream of the Future?

What is your vision of the future?




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I will soon be publishing and promoting my book, Sophia’s Web, which was co-authored with my wife, Meredith.  The personal experiences in the book are mine.  Merry in essence helped me to clarify the writing as well as offering some really great ideas.

HEY, she has a PhD in English and I once sent an English teacher, who upon reading my writing broke into tears and ran out crying saying “This is horrible.  I can’t take it anymore.”  Never saw her again.

Kidding aside.   We are inviting you to make a contribution to this mission through helping us publish and promote our book Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature.  Obviously, we also want you to read the book.  This is where our humanity shines through.  You are important to us AND you are important to the world.  You are imperative to the evolution of a healthy humanity and planet.  You are the ground for future generations.

That’s not a statement that I’m making lightly.

In this particular blog, I just want to introduce the book to you.  I do think the book speaks to future generations and may even be a piece to fostering the evolution of life on this planet.  I also want this blog to be a place to really focus on moving our species specifically, and the planet in general towards a resilient, equitable and just future.

Our book interprets Wisdom as the natural process of the Cosmos. It is how our bodies know how to form and how the Earth is able to develop and sustain life. Wisdom is named Sophia in Greek mythology and early Christian writings and is still venerated in Eastern Orthodoxy. By connecting the author’s and reader’s personal experiences to global and universal experience, Sophia’s Web empowers the reader to reclaim wholeness in a divided world.

Sophia’s Web explores the web into which Wisdom has woven the multi-dimensional aspects of our lives including:

vPersonal, using the author’s experience as an example

vRelational, revealing women and men conjoined to co-create and sustain life

vIntellectual, drawing on the works of philosophers

vScientific, including systems, holographic, and quantum physics theories

vCultural, exploring the various mythologies and belief systems of the world

vReligious, through the vision of the great mystics of the world

Let me share some responses to the book.

The foreword to Sophia’s Web is by Carolyn Baker, author of Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths For Turbulent Times includes this praise:

“Sophia’s Web is the saga of Burl Hall’s journey from fleeting visions of Sophia in childhood to a mature, surrendered embrace of the Sacred Feminine which now underpins and informs his life, his work, and his connection with the earth community…

Rarely do we have the opportunity to hear an embodied male acknowledge what the author lays bare in this book. Almost effortlessly he was able to acknowledge, at an early age, not only the feminine principle in the world but the feminine within himself.   As with any male socialized within the context of industrial civilization, Hall experienced societal pressure to embrace the patriarchal perspective which prizes a way of life based on power and control. Yet Sophia’s Web reveals a man who has moved through and beyond patriarchal programming to an integration of the feminine principle within himself and who strives to apply Sophia’s wisdom in his life and work…

Burl Hall reminds us of Sigmund Freud’s profound and prophetic conclusion that “mankind will not put aside its sickness and its discontent until it is able to abolish every dualism.” Hence the core purpose of this book which the author states so clearly: “This book’s purpose, then, is to bring peace through the integration of seemingly opposing forces.” In order to achieve this peace, much emotional and spiritual work is required, but in Sophia’s Web, Burl and Merry Hall tantalize us with the rewards of that doing work and compel us to embrace the journey with Sophia, for indeed our lives and our planet depend on it.”

Other praise for Sophia’s Web comes from many prominent sources. Here is what some of our supporters have to say:

Sophia’s Web is a passionate call to heal the destructive divides of modern life and embrace a unified cosmos rendered once again whole, told from the fiery depths of personal experience, mythology, philosophy, and science.

–Kenneth Worthy, author of Invisible Nature: Healing the Destructive Divide between People and  the Environment

Sophia’s Web weaves together Burl’s unique, heartful vision, in the process, taking it to a new level. Though non-fiction, the book has been written so it draws the reader in and induces a story trance in a spiritual and artistic way. This book pulls together the holistic Earth-Wisdom of many physicists, philosophers, psychologists, and myths to inspire you, get you thinking in new, out of the box ways, and give you hope for the future of humanity within us all.

–Rob Kall, Editor of OpEd Magazine, http://www.opednews.com

In Sophia’s Web, Burl Hall has masterfully articulated a long overdue vision of human evolutionary transformation found reflected within the inherent integrity of Creation itself. This is a book of deep scholarship and heart. It is a purposefully passionate proposal for humanity to once again ‘humanize’ itself by reclaiming Gaian consciousness as our birthright—a birthright inspired by the perennial wisdom of a planetary Goddess culture.

— don Oscar Miro-Quesada, co-author, Lessons in Courage: Peruvian Shamanic       Wisdom for Everyday Life and founder of The Heart of the Healer Foundation


Reverent and irreverent, raw and refined, with a rigorous intellectual, emotional, and spiritual workout, Sophia’s Web is revealing and authentic!

–Cynthia Piano, Creator of Oneness House, www.onenesshouse.net

I hope you join me on this quest.  Together we can indeed change the world.

One thought on “What Is Your Dream of the Future?

  1. Reblogged this on burlhall and commented:

    This is a blog regarding “Sophia’s Web.” Enjoy! It was fun putting some of the reviews up. these reviews will be on the book’s site and back cover. Whatever. Communication, be it in writing or talking is a form of lovemaking. “Ah, tickle my fancies with thy tongue of fire!” Writing is purely sexual, when you get to the heart of it…..even verbal conversation is a form of intercourse!!!! Why else would we conceive an idea based on a reading, a sigh, or even an intense conversation? Life is an ongoing perpetual act of love making. For the poet, his or her favorite line is: “O’ tickle my fancies with thy tongue and send me to heights unattained by any woman before me!”

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