The Revelation of Genesis: The Beginingless and Endless State of Peace

Let us go to the beginning! Where is this beginning; where is the end? Is there a separation of the two? Is the beginning the end and the end the beginning? Thus is it said in the Bible’s “Book of Revelation” that the alpha and omega are one!

Where do we come from? Let’s speak to the Bible’s “Book of Genesis” for a moment. There is another connotation to the “Let there be light” line in Genesis 1:2 than what we have been presented with in modern day church services. Light in this case could be seen as a metaphor for awareness or consciousness. Thus, when a thought comes upon us, we sometimes say “O’ a light just went off in my head.”

Get the connection?

In the dark depths of the Unmanifest (Genesis 1:2) there is no awareness per se. In psychology, Genesis 1:2 is reflected in our unconscious minds. When Genesis says, “let there be light,” then our conscious minds are in operation and the world becomes.

It happens every morning when we wake up. Our eyelids open and we take in light and conceive a world.

Genesis 1:2 is an infinite void in which there are no distinctions. For awareness to occur, or consciousness, if you will, there has to be something to be aware of. Therefore, the separate forms of matter take form upon the arising of consciousness.

Interestingly, physicist Tom Campbell states that Consciousness is mortal and does die. As he says this, I wonder, does this discount resurrection? Who is to say? Perhaps if the story of Jesus Christ is cosmic, then yes, resurrection occurs. But I also wonder if this is simply a part of evolution. To evolve we must die to what we are, and what we think we are.

Our thoughts do matter in that they become matter. Is this truly the “Word made flesh” of John 1:14 of the New Testament in the Bible? Of course this manifestation is not just the surface layered ego thoughts rambling about in our troubled minds, but the deeper ones we are not even aware of.

At any rate, Genesis 1:2 could be the “Unconsciousness” of Nature; God; Self; Brahmin; and Yahweh; et al. and the Light as being I AM, or the self-awareness of Nature.

Genesis 1:2 speaks to physicist David Bohm’s notion of the Unmanifest Implicate Order. The term, “implicate” means implied. It is the place where all is in potential. In the physics of David Bohm, the term for this is the Unmanifest. This “place” or “non-place” is the foundation of this moment, the Eternal Now, which contains my writing and your reading.

When Genesis says, “Let there be LIGHT,” it is saying “Be Aware!” You do this every morning that you get up, as well as when you dream. When you arise from the dark depths of sleep, you are reenacting Genesis. Indeed, you are reenacting it now. The pupils of your eyes are totally black and they take in the light and an image is conceived within the Soul, otherwise known as Psyche. Where is this writing being conceived if not within you?

Isn’t the image of this screen being made in the back of your head? Point the finger outward and you will still find that the image of your finger is in your head. Is this what the mystics mean when they talk about consciousness being non-local? It’s non-locatable! What appears in front of us is in the back of our heads!

Damn!   This speaks to the Hindu notion of the world being a state of Maya or illusion. But, I would say it’s a necessary illusion for how should the Self or Nature know its self without an other. This is why women who give birth are called “M-Others.” For baby and Mother to be known, there has to be a separation, an other.

See how cosmic we are?

What I’m proposing is that we look at a non-time account of creation. What if Genesis 1:2 were an infinite state of potential where all possibilities lie?

What kind of world do you want? If our thoughts and words matter, then what can we create? Our words matter! Is this the “Word made flesh” phenomena of the Bible’s John 1:14. Is this also the process of the Bible’s Genesis 1 where every time God speaks something becomes?

What is magic or casting a spell if not making words into flesh in this world? Interesting, take the “l” out of world and you have word. This backs up my thesis nicely, I think. The world is the Word!

Why else would Jesus Christ hump so hard on his message regarding the importance of belief? “O’ Ye of little faith,” he cries! Our faith, our words matter.

What do we believe in our cultural conditioning and what has it has gotten us is another side to this question. Do we continue believing what we believe? Is the pollution, unrest, and abuse of planet and people a reflection of our belief system? I think so.

What needs to change? What YOU say matters. What is your “let there be” statement? Do you truly think that when the Bible says the “Word is made flesh” in John 1:14 that it was negating you in this moment?

Is our labor in this day and age truly a manifestation of a new world? Perhaps in our hearts we can manifest what in Revelations is the decent of Jerusalem, meaning Place of Peace. Jerusalem is not some war torn city in the Middle East. She is the Bride of Christ, the Word made flesh. She is who we are in potential. She exists not as a theory, theology or idea. Rather, She exists as the peace inherent in our hearts. Like Christ, She too is the Word made flesh. She and Christ are who we are in the essence of our being. Thus, She is our Mother Nature while He is our Self or I AM.

Who is Nature if not the Self? Mother Nature and Father God are indeed one!

You may also enjoy this little flick regarding the Genesis pattern:

My wife and I interviewed physicist Tom Campbell. The show is archived at:

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