The Uncivilized Quest

Still new, I’m sure editing will occur.


The Yippie Yuppie sings from on high:

“Information negation is the world in which I die

I thusly deny the spirit of Earthly life

While suppressing without rest

Her species’ births given in what used to be zest

Strangle hood and control is the motto at hand

As we go to fondle and foster endless screaming wars

Throughout this world’s foreign lands.

We thusly and mustedly profess without rest

That we are meant to conquer lands and sands

With supernatural zing and zest.

For whom do we toil? For what end do we labor?

With our hearts so deeply torn and worn

…have we truly been advised and warned?

Thusly, wisely a wide-eyed rebellious hands-in-pants poetic rocker

Simply refuses to put his ass and head into an electronic socket!

While remaining a devoted lover of Mother Nature’s land

He seeks a healthy world to be reborn once again.

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