You are welcome in our growing community. We believe envisioning and co-creating true community among people, all life on Earth, and our living planet is a full-time mission for many people.  Together, our ideas and commitment increase exponentially.  Here at Envision This! Media, Burl and Merry will put forth our vision, mission, and passion in hopes of inspiring you to communicate with us, plant new seeds, and move toward an abundant future we envision for our posterity unto the seventh generation. 

We, therefore, invite you to join us in The Cove ~ Community (where) Our Visions Evolve. This is a blog page where we all can read, write, and correspond about the world we are co-creating.

Envision This! Media started with Burl and Merry Hall as co-hosts of our online talk radio show, Envision This! Our mission there has been and remains to connect listeners to visionaries of a resilient, Earth-friendly and just future. See our Envision This! Radio page.  We hope to inspire and provide a platform for greater interaction between our visionary guests and our listeners who want to contribute to or build upon their ideas and actions.  We now invite you to correspond with us and our visionary guests right here at www.envisionthismedia.com. Here, too, you can help us expand our visionary outreach by suggesting and describing potential guests for future episodes.

We are introducing our exciting new book, Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature and inviting you to join the community of people helping us to publish it soon.  Please visit our Sophia’s Web page to see how you can help get the voice of Sophia, the Spirit of Wisdom, heard and attended to in today’s wounded world.

In the future you will also find much more.  We are planning an upcoming page called Visionary Arts that will include opportunities for you to share, become familiar with and purchase books, music, and art.  We will review and offer you the opportunity to review and purchase the works of many visionary writers, musicians, and artists.  (Meanwhile, see our first beautiful offering on the Sophia’s Web Page: a poster of the artwork of Pamela Matthews that graces the front cover of our upcoming book.)

Through Envision This! Media, we are reaching out to weave you and other visionaries into the interconnected web of Wisdom. Our deepest hope is that we can help empower your voice to co-create regenerative community.

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