Cursing Chrones

February 7, 2016


It is 4:13 am. Last time I looked at the clock, it was 3:50. This was when I lost my journal entry. How did I loose it? Damn if I know. It just disappeared. “Whoosh, all gone!”

I am mindful not to speak to the discomfort I experience from the Crones. Why? I’ve said it before, in previous posts. Why repeat myself?

My head aches to a slight degree. My eyes are tired yet refuse sleep.

Are these tired eyes caused by the lack of sleep? Perhaps? Well, most assuredly! Ah, the joy of being self-assured!

Am I depressed? Yes, primarily due to lack of sleep.

Can you know joy without knowing sadness?

I sit here and wonder, should I smoke some pot to secure a couple of hours of freedom from pain? Perhaps I can then get some sleep?

Its now 4:32 and I haven’t done a damn thing other than edit these words.

Its now 7:02 and I still haven’t done a damn thing. No sleep, no anything. Not even pot. Yet, my stomach feels better. But my head hurts slightly. Lack of sleep induced headache I reckon.


Lost in Shit



Lost and alone, I’m drowning

Barely alive,

I drown in this:

An infinite sea of shit


My voice sounds off a cry of fear

But, nobody, not a one can hear.


What can I say?

Anything? Nothing?

I should not speak

For my Soul plays her games

Within Torture’s darkened chambers


Why do I stay alive, Sophia?


Gold sparks the scents of Death

What good am I

Inhabiting this planet of fools

Where no one can hear?


This cry of longing:

For what cause do these lips scream?

Perhaps because I know not

the true purpose of my heart’s beam?




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