Trump is Coming, Where Do We Go Now?

My biggest disappointment in Putin was his demeaning himself to foster a Trump.   But then, I realized, if he wants an America on its knees, Trump will do it for them.

No bombs needed and no espionage or spies. Its all free! Russia doesn’t have to bomb anybody or create a war! Trump will lead us to destruction all by himself, and like lemming rats we will be running over the cliff due to our leaders leading us there. That’s where we are headed, over the cliff in following Obamas, Trumps, Clintons, Bushes, etc.

Whoops, who actually rules the roost of the Obamas, Trumps, etc?  The top 5% in earnings, the rich and powerful?  The Corporations?

A lot of New Agers tell me I should get my mind off this. I will not! I believe that our actions here and now affect future generations. Thus I say to the New Agers, “NO, because I believe it is WE who need to speak up and empower ourselves.” We don’t need the Pleadians, or whatever those aliens are. We need to empower ourselves from within our own loving hearts and stop surrendering to external gods and aliens.  Mother Earth and all her children need for us to stand up and love in our full power now.

Again, I don’t discount life on other planets…….I just think we need to get beyond external saviors. When do we awaken? We don’t need aliens from thousands of light years away, we need to use our brains and hearts, if we have any left.

I might be long-winded here, but my question to the reader is “When do we wake up and empower ourselves?” WE are the ones we have been looking for. Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Thinking Woman, Sophia (Wisdom) are all one and will lead us into a heaven on Earth……but as a Buddhist said, “if you see the Buddha by the highway, then kill him.”


Its because Buddha (Christ, et al) is what is seeing. Thus to see our eyes, we need a mirror image. This signifies that this world is mirroring us.

Isn’t it time we destroyed the old mirror and bring forth Sleeping Beauty’s mirror that brings us to enlightenment. Who are the aliens? We are, we are alienated against our Nature, our Essence.

Wake up, folks!